Iranian parliament to consider compulsory wearing of hijab

  • December 2, 2022
Iranian parliament to consider compulsory wearing of hijab

Iran's parliament will form a public culture council whose responsibilities will include working on the issue of compulsory hijab, said Gholamreza Montazeri, spokesman for the head of the Iranian parliament's culture committee.

"A working group has been organized in the Iranian parliament's culture committee to deal with issues related to modesty of appearance and the hijab in a specialized manner... The public culture council formed to discuss cultural issues is working on a universal scheme in the issue of modesty of appearance and the hijab. We, too, are ready to help if there are any ambiguous or unconstructive points in the law," ISNA quoted Montazeri as saying.

In September, because of the death of Mahsa Amini after being detained by the vice police, mass protests broke out in Iran. Residents blamed the authorities for Mahsa's death. Women began to publish videos on social networks, in which they cut their hair and burned their hijabs.

Within two and a half months, the protests took on a radical-extremist character. Rioters began attacking clerics, abbots of Iranian mosques, members of security forces - police, IRGC, as well as members of one of the major military structures - Basij - on an almost daily basis. In late October and early November, two terrorist attacks also occurred in Iran: the first in the city of Shiraz and the second in a small town in the province of Khuzestan in the south of the country. Terrorists fired semi-automatic weapons at groups of civilians and police officers.

Iranian authorities accuse Western countries of supporting the protesters, who in their media replicate messages of subversive, anti-Iranian nature, as well as calling on the Iranian population to carry out revolutionary activities and overthrow the government in the country. Law enforcement agencies are massively detaining people recruited by Western intelligence agencies, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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