Will "Armenia" faction be dissolved?  Speaker and opposition MP  comment

  • November 24, 2022
Will "Armenia" faction be dissolved?  Speaker and opposition MP  comment The opposition faction "Armenia" of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia is a healthy organism, NA member Agnes Khamoyan stated on November  24. She stressed that there are discussions in the faction during which  different points of view are voiced.  <People are free in their  rights to express their position on this or that issue, and in this  context I repeat - the faction is a healthy organism>, the MP noted,  adding that the "Armenia" faction makes decisions and is guided by  these decisions.  Khamoyan emphasized that the faction has not made a  decision to suspend the parliamentary mandates of its MPs, not  excluding the possibility of resignation of a number of opposition  MPs,  including former Deputy Speaker Ishkhan Saghatelyan, for  personal reasons. Speaking about the rumors circulated in the press about the  possibility of a petition by the RA Prosecutor General to deprive a  number of parliamentarians from the opposition of the parliamentary  mandate, Khamoyan noted that she is familiar with these rumors from  press reports. <I cannot be guided by mere assumptions. If such a  situation arises, it will be discussed," the MP said, refuting  reports about the withdrawal of the Reviving Armenia party, from the  "Armenia" bloc, at the same time, considering it immoral to give  assessments to intra-party clashes. It should be noted that the issue of contradictions within the  "Armenia" bloc was also commented by Speaker of the National Assembly  of the Republic of Armenia Alen Simonyan. Referring to his own  sources, he expressed confidence that the "Armenia" faction would be  dissolved. <This process will continue. I assume that some MPs from  the opposition may lay down their mandates after the request of the  Prosecutor General. The press has already mentioned the names of some  of them, I have no other information, but our media work very well,  and are often much more informed than high-ranking officials>,  Simonyan said, adding that we are talking about three MPs.


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