Armenia`s premier hopes for expeditious implementation of agreements  with Russia 

  • November 24, 2022
Armenia`s premier hopes for expeditious implementation of agreements  with Russia  ArmInfo.The CSTO summit has held open, sincere and positive Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday.  "Regrettably, at its meeting the CSTO Collective Security Council  failed to found common ground with respect to two important  documents. But I would like to say we had most sincere and positive  discussions, and the documents were remitted to further revision. I  hope we will find common ground," the premier said.  Although the CSTO Collective Security Council did not adopt a  declaration on Azerbaijan's aggression on September 13 because  Armenia refused to sign it, the discussions were generally positive.  "I also regard as positive the bilateral negotiations with Russia and  I hope that the reached agreements will be implemented as soon as  possible," Mr Pashinyan said.  Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not sign the draft  "Declaration of the Collective Security Council of the CSTO on joint  measures to provide assistance to the Republic of Armenia." According to the Prime Minister, the document is not sufficiently  finalized. "The lack of a clear political assessment of the situation  can mean not only the CSTO's refusal of allied obligations, but it  can also be interpreted by Azerbaijan as a green light from the CSTO  for further aggression against Armenia. And this contradicts not only  the letter, partners, at the moment I believe that the draft   "Declaration of the CSTO CSC and on joint measures to provide  assistance to the Republic of Armenia" submitted for signing is not  sufficiently finalized, and in this form, with all due respect, I am   not ready to sign these documents," Pashinyan said in his closing   speech at the summit of the CSTO member states. Pashinyan reminded the heads of state that the risk of new aggression   from Azerbaijan against the territorial integrity of Armenia still   remains. "CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas reported on this at an  extraordinary meeting of the CSC on October 28 this year," the head   of the Armenian Cabinet said. He recalled that since May 11, 2021, Azerbaijan has used armed forces   three times and occupied approximately 140 square kilometers of the   sovereign territory of Armenia. According to the UN resolution of   December 14, 1974, number 3314, the above-mentioned actions of   Azerbaijan are considered as aggression. , the  Prime Minister noted.

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