Armenia ex-MP: Residents of villages along Lachin corridor are unlawfully being dispossessed of their homeland

  • August 10, 2022
Armenia ex-MP: Residents of villages along Lachin corridor are unlawfully being dispossessed of their homeland

The resettlement of residents from villages along the Lachin (Berdzor) corridor contradicts any logic and is an unlawful process; people are unlawfully being dispossessed of their homeland. Gagik Minasyan, representative of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia and an ex-MP, told this to a press conference Wednesday.

He stated that the illegally built new road is located at a maximum distance of one kilometer from Aghavno village, the latter is located in the Lachin corridor whose width is 2.5 km on both sides, and therefore the safe travel of people to and from Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) should be ensured by the new road.

In this regard, the politician expressed bewilderment that the authorities of Armenia, Karabakh, Azerbaijan, and Turkey are telling the local residents to leave their homes.

"This is nothing but dispossession of the homeland. The authorities of Armenia and Karabakh are implementing this very program according to the plans of Turkey and Azerbaijan. All the guilty will be held accountable for this," added Minasyan.

He noted that Turkey and Azerbaijan are constantly talking about the need to fulfill the arrangements.

"What arrangements are we talking about? Obviously, there are unpublicized agreements, as a result of which Kovsakan [(Zangelan)] and other territories were handed over, which, according to the [trilateral] statement of November 9, [2020] should not have come under the control of Azerbaijan.

It is possible that the Armenian authorities received money in exchange for these arrangements, and therefore Turkey and Azerbaijan speak with them in the ‘language’ of blackmail. Otherwise, the representatives of the incumbent regime in Armenia would at least deny these statements. If they don't do it, the Armenian authorities have obviously agreed to these arrangements," Minasyan emphasized.

The former lawmaker noted that the current Armenian authorities are implementing the Turkish-Azerbaijani plan and keeping Armenia under their occupation.

"Therefore, it is necessary to show an appropriate attitude towards them, declare a national liberation struggle, and get rid of them. Any way to liberate the homeland from invaders is permissible. It is necessary to achieve a change of power [in Armenia] in any way, as the process overseen by the treacherous regime leads to irreversible losses," concluded Gagik Minasyan.

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