Armenian First Human Rights Defender: Armenian society is not aware  of the processes around Armenia

  • August 9, 2022
Armenian First Human Rights Defender: Armenian society is not aware  of the processes around Armenia ArmInfo.The surrender of Berdzor, Aghavno and Sus to Azerbaijan is an arbitrary decision, which is determined solely by the logic in the spirit of "the winner  decides everything." Larisa Alaverdyan, First Human Rights Defender  of Armenia expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo. "All this has nothing to do with international law and is due to the  results recorded by Azerbaijan and Turkey in the 44-day war and, of  course, the agreement of our leadership to fix those results, which  it had no right to do. All these tendencies have no legal or real  basis.Simply because even in the ill-fated document of November 9,  there is not a word about Azerbaijan's latest demands," she noted. According to Alaverdyan, as a result of the situation that the  current government has brought the country to, Armenia is not even  considered as a sovereign subject of international law. Which, in her  opinion, significantly limits the possibilities of Armenia's  geopolitical maneuvering in the current situation, full of challenges  and threats. In Alaverdyan's opinion, today the Armenian society is not only  deluded, but, on the whole, is practically unaware of the processes  taking place around Armenia. Meanwhile, it should have long ago  voiced its disagreement with the illegal steps of the illegitimate  leadership of Armenia leading to the de-Armenization of Artsakh and  the loss of Armenia's sovereignty. After that, it is necessary to  apply to all possible international institutions, regardless of their  orientation, to confirm the illegal nature of the processes around  the Armenian-inhabited villages of the Lachin Corridor," she  stressed. Meanwhile, according to Alaverdyan's assessments, in contrast to  Armenia, the leaderships of Azerbaijan and Turkey have shown and are  showing an enviable consistency. And since the formation of  Azerbaijan by Turkey with the aim of finally destroying Armenia and  Armenians, Ankara has been using Azerbaijan as a tool for its  implementation. Moreover, this process did not stop even in the  Soviet period.

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