Iranologist: To overcome the current situation, Armenia have to  coordinate its efforts with Tehran and Moscow

  • August 8, 2022
Iranologist: To overcome the current situation, Armenia have to  coordinate its efforts with Tehran and Moscow The Armenian leadership needs to significantly intensify existing contacts with Iran, bearing in mind the fact that the Baku regime is constantly trying to get  closer to the latter, primarily because of Aliyev's desire to  neutralize the challenges and threats emanating from Iran. Vardan  Voskanyan, Head of the Chair of Iranian Studies at YSU Faculty of  Oriental Studies expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo. "Against such a background, Armenia's inactivity cannot be justified  by anything, including the current crisis of state institutions in  our country. The reasons for the crisis are understandable, but it is  also clear that these reasons will sooner or later go away along with  the authorities that initiated them. In this light, it is very  important that its successors realize the need to restore and  strengthen the country," he said. In this vein, returning to the policy of Azerbaijan, the Iranian  specialist noted the obviousness of its preparation for war, rather  than peace. According to his estimates, even today Aliyev is using  any opportunity for a war, the final goal of which is the  de-Armenization and absorption of Artsakh and the ripping off  territorial pieces from Armenia. And thjis implies the immediate  restoration of Armenia's security system. Meanwhile, it is precisely  the military-political relations with Iran that are part of it. A  clear confirmation of this is Tehran's repeated confirmations of the  territorial integrity of Armenia.  According to Voskanyan, all  programs, actions and steps of Armenia should be based on the state  of war in which the country is. From the fact that there is no end to  the pressures and creeping aggression of the neighboring dictatorial  state and will not be seen, at least until a worthy rebuff from the  Armenian side. It is necessary to start forging at least now, if this  has not been done a long time ago. "We understand that Russia still occupies a dominant position in the  South Caucasus. Accordingly, the need to deepen Armenia's relations  with Iran dictates to our leadership to put aside the provincial  nimbleness and to form a trilateral platform for cooperation between  Armenia, Iran and the Russian Federation.  In other words, it is  Armenia that, in turn, can become a place for the deepening of  relations between the Russian Federation and Iran, taking into  account and trying to compare and harmonize the interests of Tehran  and Moscow, rather than trying to play on their contradictions," the Iranologist summed up.

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