Armenia economy minister: Upper Lars checkpoint capacity will increase by 30%

  • June 23, 2022

On June 20, the Russian government made a decision to open the second zone of customs clearance at the Upper Lars checkpoint, which, in our estimation, should increase the capacity of the checkpoint by 30 percent—instead of the current 400-450 to 600-700 [vehicles] per day. The Minister of Economy of Armenia, Vahan Kerobyan, told this to reporters Thursday.

Knowing about the problem of perishable goods at this checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border, the Armenian authorities had asked their Georgian counterparts to include flowers and fish in the category of perishable goods so that their transporters could approach the Upper Lars checkpoint without too much waiting in line.

"However, there is no information yet whether that change has been made; work is being done in that regard," Kerobyan added.

The minister admitted that many respective businesses have suffered losses in recent times.

"We work with them. If the economic entities are able to make a profit during the year, we will assess the current losses as a business risk; but if the problem will be deeper, we will develop assistance programs. These risks have existed for 30 years already. We are doing everything to eliminate them and increase the level of logistical ties with the outside world," the Armenian official added.

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