PM highlights holding elections with identification cards

  • June 23, 2022
 PM highlights holding elections with identification cards

YEREVAN, JUNE 23, ARMENPRESS. In order to avoid any tension in electoral processes, Armenian Prime Minister highlights holding elections with identification cards.

“From political terms we should not forget about a problem that we have. Eventually, the election process should take place with a single identity document, that must be the identification card. I want us to focus on this issue”, he said at the Cabinet meeting today.

He reminded that currently there are several electoral documents – ID, passport and biometric passport. According to him, it is necessary to have an identification card. Moreover, the polling stations must have card-reading devices which will solve all issues connected with manipulation. However, he noted that no such problem has been observed during the last two elections.

“However, in order to rule out any tension in this matter we should hold elections with an identification card, maximally electronically. In other words, a person comes, identifies, the electronic system also registers that he/she has voted, which both theoretically and practically rules out that person’s voting in another polling station. This will also solve the issue of electoral lists. Only those people, who have applied and received, will have an ID card, and this will solve all issues”, the PM said.

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