Kremlin does not exclude new call between Putin and Biden

  • January 20, 2022
Kremlin does not exclude new call between Putin and Biden

The Kremlin does not exclude a new telephone conversation between Russian and U.S. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden after receiving a written response to the security guarantee proposals, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, CNN reported.

"We also do not rule out another communication between the two presidents. We believe that in any case, such communication can only be welcomed, it is useful for both states," Peskov said.

"We also do not exclude that after we manage to get acquainted with the [US response Russia's requested security guarantees], the heads of state will consider it appropriate to contact each other and discuss," he added.

Peskov was asked during an interaction with reporters whether possible contacts between Putin and Biden are linked to the ongoing talks and whether diplomats on security guarantees should hold a meeting before the leaders' contact. He said that the presidents make their own decisions about their contacts. And after the situation with the response of the American side is cleared up, it will already be then understood at what stage the presidents will decide to get involved in continuing the dialogue.

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