Armenia population natural growth drops about 2.9 times in 2 years

  • September 7, 2021
Armenia population natural growth drops about 2.9 times in 2 years

According to the preliminary data of the National Statistical Service of Armenia, the natural increase of the country’s population in January-July was only 1,252 people. This is 1.8 times less than the indicator for same period last year.

And compared to the report for January-July 2019, this decline is already about 2.9 times.

Among other things, the sharp increase in Armenia’s population mortality from COVID-19—more than 2,300 cases in January-July, whereas 800 cases in the same period last year—also played a role.

The growing emigration of the population of Armenia has a negative impact on the dynamics of the country's permanent population. In 2018-2020 and in January-June of the current year, 103,600 thousand Armenian nationals received Russian citizenship, and 21,900 of them—or 21% of the total—was in January-June this year.

Judging by the above indicators, this process is obviously growing. It is quite possible that last year's “record” will be surpassed this year. Mostly young families, including men and women of reproductive age, emigrate from Armenia, and this threatens with irreversible negative consequences in the demographics of the country in the short term already.

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