Russian, Iranian experts consider 3+3 platform to be only stabilizing  factor in South Caucasus

  • January 24, 2023
Russian, Iranian experts consider 3+3 platform to be only stabilizing  factor in South Caucasus Today there are serious problems in the Caucasus, which are expressed in two formats: "Armenia and Azerbaijan" and "Azerbaijan and Iran". It is difficult  to solve these problems, but they are being solved, and above all  with the assistance of Russia. This was stated by Vladimir Sazhin, a  senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian  Academy of Sciences, during the Moscow-Tehran video bridge on the  topic: "South Caucasus: interests of Russia and Iran." "But, I think  that the way out of the situation is  3+3 regional platform,  including Russia, Iran and Turkey, on the one hand, and Georgia,  Armenia and Azerbaijan, on the other, where countries will conduct a  dialogue on pressing issues, and will do it carefully," the expert  said. In the current conditions, he considers the launch of the North-South  transport corridor, which has been updated over the last 20 years, to  be important for Russia. "Practically all participants in the  Caucasian reality are interested in this corridor. And on the basis  of economic benefits, all economic ties can be brought through this  3+3 platform," Sazhin believes. In turn, Iranian expert on the issues of the Caucasus region and  Central Asia Fardin Eftekhari, referring to the processes around  Nagorno-Karabakh, expressed his conviction that Azerbaijan would not  extend the mandate of Russian peacekeepers in the region after the  end of the 5-year term. At the same time, he recalled that the tripartite statement dated  November 9, 2020 notes that Russia is the guarantor of ensuring  unhindered passage through the Lachin corridor. At the same time, the expert is convinced that today Azerbaijan is  not interested in regional peace. "Now a real human tragedy is  unfolding in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan's actions indicate that it  is not interested in regional peace," he said. Eftekhari believes that Russia's passivity under the current  conditions undermines confidence in it. He is also convinced that  non-regional countries are trying to undermine regional peace,  including by pushing Azerbaijan and Iran against their foreheads. "Iran is very patient. We saw that Tehran showed restraint, despite  Azerbaijan's unacceptable actions around Nagorno-Karabakh," he noted,  adding that Iran's patience is not unlimited, and advised not to  provoke the Iranian side. Eftekhari believes that if the ambitions of Turkey and Azerbaijan in  the South Caucasus are not stopped, then Russia will be forced out of  this region. The expert also stressed the importance of increasing  the number of Russian peacekeepers in the region In conclusion, he noted that the only way to establish peace in the  region is the 3+3 platform. It should be noted that on December 10,  2021, the first meeting of the 3+3 consultative regional platform was  held in Moscow, co-chaired by the Deputy Foreign Ministers of the  Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and the Director  General of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. The Russian Foreign Ministry  noted that representatives of Georgia, who were also invited,  refrained from participating in the meeting. Then the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that during the meeting  the prospects for the development of multifaceted regional  cooperation were discussed. "It was agreed to focus the work of the  platform on practical issues of interest to all its participants.  Among these are confidence-building measures, cooperation in trade,  economic, transport, cultural and humanitarian fields, countering  common challenges and threats. Representatives of five countries  expressed interest in joining the work of the Georgian platform, for  which the "door" remains open". The meeting participants also  discussed future work plans with "possible involvement of relevant  ministries and departments," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a  statement. Yesterday the meeting, the Georgian Foreign Ministry  issued a statement that Georgia would not be represented at the 3+3  meeting

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