Russia sparing no effort to prevent Armenia from purchasing weapons  from third countries - Aram Sargsyan

  • January 24, 2023
Russia sparing no effort to prevent Armenia from purchasing weapons  from third countries - Aram Sargsyan It is a difficult task to war against an enemy capable of launching an air attack against you using computers at a great distance from the battlefield,  while you are incapable of doing anything. Therefore, the importance  of acquiring cutting-edge military equipment for the Armenian armed  forces is not a subject to debate. Azerbaijan is warring against Armenia using weapons of the 5th generation, while Russia is sparing no effort to prevent Armenia from purchasing weapons from third  countries, Aram Sargsyan, Chairman of the Republic party, which is  loyal to Armenia's ruling circles, stated in an interview with  Factor.TV.  In this context, he highlights the importance of building up  Armenia's armed forces. He pointed out the initial steps in a number  of directions, primarily steps to reinforce Armenia's borders, amid  not quite friendly actions by Armenia's strategic ally, which is  Azerbaijan's great friend as well.  Mr Sargsyan highlights the importance of public awareness of army  construction models - the Swiss, Israeli or other ones. Armenia plans  to purchase weapons from India, Iran and a number of European states,  but delivery is obviously problematic.  "And it is not a logistic problem alone. Russia, our strategic ally,  is not only selling weapons to us, but it is also putting obstacles  to their delivery to Armenia from other countries by setting a number  of terms to them only to protract the delivery. Russia is sparing no  effort to prevent Yerevan from purchasing weapons outside Russia," Mr  Sargsyan said. Russia is viewing Armenia as a "pocket state", seeking  to turn it into a vassal-partner, he added.  Mr Sargsyan is calling Armenia's authorities to continue their course  toward the European Union and toward the Western world.  "That was crystal clear even before the Ukraine crisis. Who has been  seeking control over the Meghri corridor since November 9, 2020? I  have been against Point 9 of the trilateral statement. Who urged  incorporating this point in this document? And having Russia as our  strategic partner, we are, in fact, in a situation when Russian is  overtly supporting Azerbaijan. Have you ever heard Russian foreign  office spokesperson Maria Zakharova disagree with Ilham Aliyev? On  the contrary, she has always backed up the Azerbaijani president's  statements," Mr Sargsyan said. in this context, he recalled the  statements by Russia's representative at the U.N. Security Council,  who tried to substantiate official Baku's statements on the blockade  of the Lachin corridor, claiming that it was a partial blockade.  Moreover, statement by Russian FM Sergey Lavrov, who referred to  Baku-made claims, show that Armenians were transporting mines through  the Lachin corridor. And instead of opposing that claim, he pointed  out a need to verify that information.  "So what are you doing there beside selling fuel at higher prices? If  you are not in control of the situation, what are you doing there?"  Mr Sargsyan sated as he addressed his questions to the Russian  peacekeepers.   He stressed that all the progress in the situation round Armenia and  Artsakh is due to the EU, USA and OSCE, which have been making  targeted statements and conclusions.  "Our society is displaying growing discontent with the fact that the  nations and organization in question are not applying sanctions  against Azerbaijan. However, if we ourselves are not making any  steps, what can we demand? And to counter Aliyev's claims that  Armenians and Russians are united, we must show that it is Russia and  Azerbaijan that are actually united," Mr Sargsyan said.

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