Nikol Pashinyan shared sensational news about Sevan

  • May 10, 2021
Nikol Pashinyan shared sensational news about Sevan "In the near future we will hear one of the most sensational news of our time", announced the acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on May 10 from the  rostrum of the parliament. Thus, according to Pashinyan, in July 2021 the water level of Lake  Sevan will be the highest in the last 60 years. "They say there was a  lot of rain and snow, and due to this, the level of Sevan increased.  It turns out that over the past 60 years there has been neither rain  nor snow," Pashinyan said, stressing that in fact, this is the result  of a completely new quality of water resources management. As explained by the acting head of the government, in 2020, 22.8  million cubic meters of less water was withdrawn, but irrigated land  was by 4,800 hectares more. And this was done, according to  Pashinyan, because none of his team members "began to earn millions  on the release of water from the lake." "If you talk with  knowledgeable people in the field of energy, they will say that one  centimeter of the water level in Sevan is equivalent to about one  million dollars," he said. In addition, as Pashinyan stressed, since 2018, 30 million kW of  electricity have been saved in the field of water resources, losses  in the irrigated water system have been reduced by 5%. In addition, according to acting Head of the Cabinet of Ministers,  for the first time fishermen from coastal villages began to pay the  required duties for fishing. "And never mind if they pay for 100 kg,  and catch 300 kg. The main thing is that the system has begun to  work, and people will understand that it works in their interests,"  he said, stressing that there are still tens and hundreds of fishing  nets, due to which fish die in large quantities. At the next stage,  the government plans to use the collected duties to clear the lake  from garbage and increase the lake's fish resources.

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